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diving boots

Diving Boots

Even if you dive exclusively in tropical waters, you may want to purchase wet suit boots, also called "booties" by some. There are various different style and designs of dive boot available, such as zip up ones, slip on ones and even shorter ones known as 'shorties'. Wherever you will be diving, boots are an essential piece of dive apparel. Here are the three main reasons why;

1. For warmth, particularly in water below 21°C as cold feet can often cause your whole body temperature to drop and which can become dangerous if it reaches the hypothermic stage. Dive boots insulate your feet so you will not feel the effects of the cold water, or at least the extent of how cold it is.

2. To protect from cuts, scrapes and bruises both in and out the water. A huge danger to divers and snorkelers is the new environment we are not used to, Obviously, you need to be careful when entering and manoeuvring around in the water but hazards are unavoidable and everywhere; rocks, protruding coral or sharp shells and debris to name a few. Even hot sand, if you are lucky enough to be diving somewhere tropical can often burn the soles of your feet. Dive boots, although not impenetrable, will protect you against the majority of these dangers.

3. For comfort, especially when wearing with adjustable strap fins. Not only do they add comfort, you would not be able to wear adjustable strap fins without wearing dive boots. The boots often feature a groove on the heel to keep the fin strap in place.