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diving fins


Preparation & Maintenance

Full foot fins require no preparation but with adjustable fins you will need to tighten them for a snug yet comfortable fit. Do this with your wet suit boots on of course. You may find that new fin straps are coated with a slick preservative which you will need to wipe off prior to use otherwise the straps may slip out of adjustment.

Fins, like any other part of your diving or snorkelling gear, need to be properly cared for and maintained, which means doing the right checks before and after use, cleaning them properly and storing them correctly. This will guarantee they last you a long time.


After use rinse the fins in fresh water, this is particularly important after contact with salt water. Salt water can cause neoprene to lose its flexibility and can create nasty smells if unwashed. It may be best to just place them in a tank of fresh water to soak for a short period of time. Most popular snorkelling & diving destinations provide tanks for your individual equipment


Fins need very little in the way of care and maintenance, start by checking them for damage and wear after each use, in particular the straps and buckles, which are easy enough to replace without having to buy new fins.


When not in use you should make sure that your fins are not stored in direct sunlight, this prevents dry rot of the material and aids their durability.

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