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Selecting the right Fins for you

You should buy your fins based on three main considerations; your size, your ability and where you plan to dive. As well as these three considerations, your main concerns are fit and comfort. If you are still unsure which model to choose, speak to your dive instructor or professional to point you in the right direction. Here are some pointers to help you select the right fins for you:

Open Heel Fins

If you are looking for adjustable strap fins, you'll want to have your wet suit boots with you to test for a proper fit. With the boots on, put your foot in the pocket, it should come up to where your ankle meets your foot, if it does not come up that far, you need a larger size. Professional, lengthy or deep diving is more likely to require open heel fins, which are designed to be used with full diving equipment. When diving in cool waters or carrying a lot of equipment always use open heel fins with diving boots, these are the most suitable for safely enjoying this type of diving.

Full Foot Fins

Full Foot fins should fit comfortably without binding, yet not feel loose. It helps to wet your feet when trying full foot fins on as it lubricates the rubber and helps your foot slide in easier. Full foot fins are best for use in warm water, when less equipment is needed and the energy required is not as great.


If you have a larger body type you will need a stronger, stiffer style fin in order for it to use effectively, as the resistance moving through water is increased. The blade you select depends on your own preference more than anything, while some certainly do reduce the amount of effort needed and improve manoeuvrability you will probably have to try a few different ones before you know which is best for you.

If you're a beginner or you're diving in a very populated are you should select fins that are a little more brightly coloured, this makes it easier for people to see you under water.

Many divers and snorkelers prefer the quick release buckles, which allow you to attach and remove your fins quickly and easily without having to release and tighten the straps each time.

Open Heel Fins

Full Foot Fins