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diving masks


The following information is intended to provide the most helpful information about snorkels. Why you need a snorkel, the separate components of them and their purpose or how to correctly prepare, maintain and store your snorkel to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We also offer advice about how to choose which snorkel is right for you.

Snorkelling can be a lot of fun and certainly can provide some adventurous experiences, however it can also be difficult and dangerous, getting the right equipment for your needs and ensuring you use it safely is one of the most important ways of ensuring you avoid the risks and enjoy your snorkelling experiences.

Snorkels are useful for both snorkelling and diving. Since scuba divers have a cylinder and a regulator, you may wonder why a snorkel is a stand piece of diving equipment. It is needed for the same reasons snorkelers need one; allowing you to swim or rest with your face in the water without worrying about keeping your face above the water for air which can be very tiring.

They permit you to view the underwater world all day without the constant interruptions of having to raise your head for breathe. Especially when diving, snorkels are great for swimming back to the boat or looking for something below the water without using up the air in your cylinder or if you have ran out of air.

Additionally, when there is a bit of surface chop, splashing waves can get into your mouth if you don't have a snorkel. The snorkel is often high enough to reach over these waves, and you can get splash guard on the snorkel which will be explained more in the components section.