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Care and Maintenance

A snorkel does not require a great deal of preparation. Attach the snorkel to the left side of your mask, especially if scuba diving, because your regulator always comes from the right. You do this with a clip or slot which usually comes already attached to the snorkel. See the components section for more on snorkel clips. Adjust so that the top of the snorkel sits at the crown of your head with the mouthpiece in place. You should be able to relax your jaw without losing the mouthpiece.


Snorkels are just like any other item of sporting equipment; if you don't care from them properly they won't last long. That is why it is important to clean, store and maintain your equipment properly.


Your snorkel should be rinsed with fresh water after every use. If it has been used in salt water it may be best to just place it in a tank of fresh water for a short period of time. Most popular snorkelling & diving destinations provide tanks for your individual equipment.


Snorkels are fairly easy to care for and do not require much maintenance at all so long as they are kept reasonably clean, however you do need to check them for any damage before each use just to be sure.

Mouthpieces are one of the most commonly replaced parts of the snorkel, as you tend to bite down on them during use, the most comfortable mouthpieces tend to be softer and should be replaced more often.

The purge valve is one of the most important parts of the snorkel and prevents water from getting in to your mouth, it is important that it is kept clean as it can be very fragile. If you do experience any leaks this is probably as a result of damage to the purge valve, the valve itself can often be replaced but you may need to replace the whole snorkel if not. Damage to the purge valve is very rare, as the other components of the snorkel protect it.


Store your snorkel in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, if you have any neoprene rubber equipment, store your snorkel away from it as the neoprene dyes can stain and discolour any silicone parts. Whilst this won't affect the performance of you snorkel, it can make them look unpleasant.