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Rash Guards

Body Suits/ Rash Guards

Body Suit is an umbrella term referring to thinnest layer of diving wear, sometimes also referred to as dive skins or in our case, rash vests and shorts. The reason why we, here at Deep Blue Dive, refer to them as rash guards is because, when worn underneath a wetsuit they prefect chaffing and discomfort caused by rubbing. They are available in a range of bright and stylish designs to suit anyone and are usually made from lycra, nylon or a similar material making them elastic and form fitting. Rash vests come in both short and long sleeve options and provide protection against light abrasion and sun damage, the better brands will protect you even up to UV50!

They don't insulate you well as they are only about half a millimetre thick, so are perfect for snorkelers who are going to remain near the surface and divers in warm waters who will therefore not lose a lot of heat. For cold water divers, they can be worn either underneath a wetsuit to help you slide in much more easily or over the top; both methods will provide extra insulation. As mentioned before, they come in a range of bright colours and designs and are perfect for water sports such as surfing, wind surfing and jet skiing. Many manned resorts require you to wear a bright one so you are easy to spot when out on the water.