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Dive knives are an advisory piece of equipment for diving although highly recommended for tech and cave divers because of the enclosed and dark environments.

They are useful for getting yourself out of dangerous situations such as entanglements in nets or fishing line. However, you will not be able to wear your dive knife without a strap to hold it to your person. Some people prefer to wear their dive knife on their leg allowing for quick removal should you need to use it, rather than stowed away in a BCD pocket.

Here you can view all of our accessories to go with your knife such as knife straps with a traditional buckle or quick release buckle. We also have a curly wurly lanyard in this section, as an alternative securing method.

We have a huge range of Diving Accessories for all your diving equipment.


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  • Aqua Lung Argonaut Knife Leg Holster

    Regular Price: £22.00

    Special Price £19.00

  • Beaver Quick Release Knife Straps

    Regular Price: £7.95

    Special Price £4.95

  • Curly Wurly Lanyard

    Regular Price: £3.95

    Special Price £2.50

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3 Item(s)