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Snorkels are great simple breathing apparatus for snorkelers or as an alternative to a regulator for a diver if they are swimming at the surface, allowing them to conserve air resources for deeper depths.

However, in order to keep your snorkel in place, both in use and when not being used, it is necessary to have a snorkel clip or holder. These are often the parts which break first due to general wear and tear, which is why is a great idea to have a replacement. Avoid the disappointment of having to miss out on a dive because of a broken snorkel attachment.

We have a huge range of Diving Accessories for all your diving equipment.


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  • Mares Liquid Skin Mouthpiece

    Regular Price: £13.95

    Special Price £9.50

  • IST Deluxe Spare Kit

    Regular Price: £12.95

    Special Price £8.95

  • Snorkel Clip

  • Snorkel Holder

    Regular Price: £2.95

    Special Price £1.95

  • Snorkel Holder - DBE

    Regular Price: £1.99

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5 Item(s)