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Diving Bags & Boxes

It is important to make sure that you have the suitable storage methods for your diving gear. Having the right size bag or box will ensure that you are able to fit everything into it with ease and comfort.  As well as making sure that it is the correct size it must also be durable and as lightweight as possible.

We have a fine range of dive bags and boxes available suitable for storing and carrying all of your diving accessories and equipment. Available in a range of sizes and styles you can pick out something that suits your taste, needs and demands. With Deep Blue Dive you can rest assure that we have something for everyone. 

We have bags and boxes available from top brand names Akona, Apeks, Aqualung, Beaver, IST, Mares, Northern Diver, Poseidon, Sea & Sea, SeacSub, Sub Gear, TYR and Tusa

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Bags & Boxes

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  • Stahlsac Steel 34 Wheeled Bag

  • Stahlsac Steel 22 Carry-on Bag

    Regular Price: £147.00

    Special Price £145.00

  • Stahlsac Steel Duffel

  • Stahlsac Steel Backpack

    Regular Price: £66.00

    Special Price £64.99

  • Stahlsac 36" Mesh Duffle Bag

  • Stahlsac 26" Mesh Duffle Bag

  • Stahlsac 22" Mesh Duffle Bag

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7 Item(s)