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Seac today is definitely a reference company in the field of diving. Founded in 1971, they have been making affordable and quality diving equipment ever since, including their range of dive bags.

Apart from the Regulator bag, Seac specialise in large volume bags and holdalls which are capable of carrying all of your equipment, ideal for those divers who like to travel with their own equipment. The 2.5 HD Bag is the newest edition to the range which we have available at Deep Blue.

With wheels and being lightweight with handles, the range from Seac Sub is ideal for long distance travel with your equipment, and for putting away straight after use. The side pockets of the larger bags are designed specifically for fins with drainage holes. While dry pockets on the front are great for carrying documents.

We also have bags available from other brands.

Seac Sub

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  • Seac Sub Mate Flight HD Bag

  • Seac Sub Mate 2.5 HD Bag

    Regular Price: £79.00

    Special Price £61.00

  • Seac Sub Net Bag

  • Seac Sub Dry Bag - 20L

    Regular Price: £32.00

    Special Price £19.95

  • Seac Sub Reg Bag

    Regular Price: £15.95

    Special Price £12.95

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5 Item(s)