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Scubapro is one of the most recognised names in the world of Scuba diving with a wide range of products developed over their 50 year history. Their high quality choice of dive boots is sure to have something to suit you, all are suitable to wear to and from the dive site. 

We stock the Everflex 5mm boot ideal for all types of wetsuit diving, the neoprene is so stretchy the boots don't need a zip to get on and off. Similar to these is the Semi Dry Boots which have a tight seal to prevent water circulation and keep you warm. 

We also have the Delta Tropica short boot for warmer waters or those that prefer the shorter boot to go with their shorty wetsuit. These are also a great option for water sports fans, to ensure protection and grip whilst still having a full range of movement. The HD Drysuit boots are designed for all drysuits with soft neoprene socks. They have a heavy duty grip sole, making them ideal for tech diving. 



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  • Scubapro Heavy Duty 6.5 Boots

  • Scubapro Everflex Boot Arch 5.0 Boots

  • Scubapro Drysuit Boots

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  • Scubapro Delta Boot 6.5

  • Scubapro Sub Sox

  • Scubapro No Zip Dive Boots 6.5mm

  • Scubapro Delta Boot 5.0

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    Special Price £27.50

  • Scubapro Delta Short 3.0

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    Special Price £24.00

  • Scubapro Go Socks 3.0

  • Scubapro Climasphere Sock

  • Scubapro Hybrid Socks 2.5

  • Scubapro Hybrid Kids Socks Rebel 2.5mm

  • Scubapro Kailua Beach Walkers

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13 Item(s)