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Camera Accessories

One of the most favoured pieces of equipment to have whilst diving is a camera to capture moments of beauty. There are some spectacular sights to take in below the water that some people want to cherish for life by taking a picture. Without the use of a camera that moment could become lost forever and exist only in your memory.

We have a fantastic range of camera accessories to coincide with our underwater cameras. All of our accessories are of the highest quality and are designed to enhance your underwater experience. We sell everything from camera cases to optical cables and camera bags to diffusers. Our camera accessories come from leading manufacturers including IntovaSealife and Tusa.  

If you find yourself struggling to find the right accessories for your camera feel free to visit us or contact us. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you in finding what you need. 

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Camera Accessories

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  • Sea Dragon 1200 Light

  • GoPro Wi-Fi Combo Kit

  • Sealife Aquapod

    Regular Price: £100.00

    Special Price £95.00

  • Sealife Buoyancy Weight

    Regular Price: £50.00

    Special Price £45.00

  • GoPole Reach - Telescoping Pole

  • GoPro HDMi Cable

  • GoPole Venture Case

  • GoPole Bobber - Floating Hand Grip

  • Sealife Flash Link (sl962)

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price £22.00

  • Sealife Digital Pro Flash Diffuser

  • GoPole Grenade - Hand Grip

  • GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip

  • GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts

  • GoPro Surf Mounts

  • GoPro Camera Tethers

  • GoPro Hero3 Lens Replacement Kit

  • Tenergy Li-ion Battery Fast Charger

  • GoPole Arm - Helmet Extension

  • Sealife Float Strap

    Regular Price: £18.00

    Special Price £15.00

  • GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Mount

  • Mares BCD Camera Attachment Kit

    Regular Price: £15.00

    Special Price £12.00

  • Tenergy Li-ion Rechargeable Battery With PCB

  • Moisture Muncher Drying Agent

  • Sealife Moisture Muncher Capsules

Set Ascending Direction

Items 1 to 24 of 25 total

  1. 1
  2. 2