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Uwatec are a long established and respected brand within the Scuba diving and Technical diving community. Uwatec's motto being: "What kind of dive computer would you design if you had no limits?"

A result is a completely innovative and new platform created by UWATEC, the dive industry leader since their first Aladin computer was introduced close to 20 years ago. From basic products such as the Aladin bottom timer through to user friendly recreational diving computers like the Aladin 2G.

The larger screened products such as the Galileo Luna and Sol which have a variety of innovative features including wireless transmitter capability for air integration. Galileo is a new state-of-the-art computer offering the ultimate in features and technological innovation for an extraordinary underwater experience. Here you can also view a selection of Uwatex gauges with built in computers. 

We also have a selection of dive computers from other manufacturers


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  • Scubapro Uwatec Infrared Interface (IRDA) USB 2.0 Dongle

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