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Scubapro is one of the most recognised names in the world of Scuba diving with a wide range of products developed over their 50 year history. Deep Blue Dive offer a range of Scubapro fins to suit almost everyone's desires and pockets.

The Twin Jet Max open heel with spring fin straps is the standard fin from scubapro. The Jet Sport appeals to a wide range of divers and is nice and light for the traveller.

The Scubapro Jet fin is a firm favourite with the tech diving brigade it's short stiff blade being ideal for wreck diving or other situations where disturbing the silt is a no no.

The Twin Jet is a split design with heavy rubber side ribs to provide excellent power with reduced effort, and finally the latest development from Scubapro ie the Seawing Nova comes in two forms.

The standard Seawing is a novel design which is very light and is positively bouyant, the Gorilla version is a stiffer version specifically designed to enhance the frog kicking ability.

A range of fins from other manufacturers also available.


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