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Producing scuba equipment for over 60 years, Mares is known the world over for innovative design and quality products with an Italian design flair; their hoods are no different. 

We stock the 5mm Trilastic hood which has a bib to tuck into your wetsuit and the 5mm tech hood which is bibless. Developed in cooperation with Mobby’s, this hood is dedicated to dry suits. It has a patented built-in valve which allows trapped air to escape from the hood without letting water in. The reflective tape makes you more visible on the surface.

We have recently added the new Flexa Shield which is an innovative design covering the shoulders as well as the head. A hood by itself can move a bit and let water in, especially in the back of the neck where heat loss is highest. With Flexa Shield this won’t happen anymore. Give it a try and see for yourself the new level of warmth that can be achieved

We have a selection of Hoods available from other brands


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  • Mares Tech Hood

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  • Mares Flexa Hood

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