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Scubapro is one of the most recognised names in the world of Scuba diving with a wide range of products developed over their 50 year history. Here at Deep Blue Dive, we stock the Scubapro Everflex hood to compliment our product range.

The Scubapro Everflex hood is one of our most popular diving hoods and can be relied upon during cold water dives to stop loss of body heat. At 5mm, it as one of the thickest hoods we stock, which adds to the thermal protection offered.  Comfortable and efficient, the Everflex is extremely easy to use like all Scubapro products; it has a stretchy silverskin lining which makes it very simple for self donning and highly comfortable to wear.

Ideal for tech diving, the additional face coverage protects areas such as your forehead and chin from the cold, making all the difference to comfort, whilst still not impeding on freedom of movement, and mask fitting. 

We have a selection of Hoods available from other brands


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  • Scubapro Everflex Bibless Hood 5/3mm

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  • Scubapro Rebel Kids Hood 5mm

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    Special Price £29.00

  • Scubapro Head Band 3mm

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    Special Price £7.95

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3 Item(s)