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Waterproof are well known for the quality and robustness of their products.

We stock the H1 hood from Waterproof in 3 versions. the 3/5mm bibless, the 5/7 bibless vented and the 5/7mm bibbed hood. The vented H1 hoods offer an exclusive Hood Air Venting System (HAVS) uses one-way valves to eliminate annoying air build-up, available in both 3/mm and 5/7mm for all water temperatures. Features double-lined neoprene with smooth face seal,  the hood is anatomically designed for perfect fit & ease of getting on & off.

The H1 bibbed hood offers all the benefits of the other models with the added insulation of a bib, which when tucked into your suit offers unbeatable protection to your neck and chest area, and minimizes water movement and therefore heat loss. 

We have a selection of Hoods available from other brands


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  • Waterproof H1 5/10mm High Visibility Polar Full Hood

  • Waterproof H1 5/7mm High Visibility Polar Full Hood

  • Waterproof H1 5/10mm Polar Hood

  • Waterproof H1 5/7mm Full Hood

  • Waterproof H1 3/5mm Hood

  • Waterproof H1 5/7mm Bibless Hood

  • Waterproof H1 3/5mm Bibless Hood

  • Waterproof H1 2mm Ice Hood

  • Waterproof H30 2mm Full Hood

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9 Item(s)