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Apeks have been manufacturing dive equipment for over 35 years. We are pleased to be able to offer you hoses from the Apeks range including their dry suit hose, 3/8in reg hoses in various lengths and earlier Apeks 1/2 inch hoses. 

The hoses external material is robust, designed to resist snagging and abrasion. The hoses resist UV rays out of the water, thus extending the life of the hose. Apeks have also gone one step further and designed a range of hoses that are lightweight and extremely flexible but also strong with a burst pressure more than twice that of most traditional hoses. Also kink-resistant, meaning they cannot be damaged when packed away; even if the hose were tied in a knot the gas flow would remain unobstructed. The fittings are the same as Apeks standard hose fittings and made to a high standard.

We have a great range of Hoses from other manufactures.


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  • Apeks Reg Hose 1/2 Assorted Lengths

  • Apeks Anti-Freeflow Device

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  • Apeks Reg Hose 3/8 Assorted Lengths

  • Apeks Dry Suit Hose

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    Special Price £26.50

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4 Item(s)