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Aqua Lung are one of the biggest manufacturers of scuba diving equipment in the world and have over 60 years of history in the field. They prioritise manufacturing equipment which is both safe and highly practical and their dive knives are no different..

At Deep Blue we stock the Aqualung Squeeze Lok, a great safe BCD knife with a variety of mounting options. The Squeeze Lok simply means you have to apply gentle pressure to release the knife from it's mount, meaning it will not fall out accidentally keeping it secure which offers great peace of mind to most divers.   

We also have the Technisub ( a brand owned by Aqualung) Mini Zak Alfa & Beta BCD knives. They are both, lightweight and easy to handle knives; the blades are made from a special stainless steel. Made with ultimate safety and ease of use in mind, they are great practical dive knives for all purposes. 

We stock a selection of Knives from other manufacturers


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  • Aqualung Argonaut Blunt Tip Knife

  • Aqualung Argonaut Spartan Tip Knife

  • Technisub Mini Zak Alfa Knife

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  • Technisub Mini Zak Beta Knife

  • Aqualung Squeeze Lok Knife (blunt Tip)

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