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Beaver is a name well known in the scuba world as providing a large range of scuba equipment often at budget prices. They are constantly introducing new products based on new materials and manufacturing methods. We have two offerings from Beaver, the Ghost mask and the Frameless mask, which both offer something unique to our current product range.

The Ghost Mask has red tinted tempered lenses that give a blue reflective look from the outside, this is designed to improve the red spectrum underwater, restoring colours to their natural vibrancy and brightness.

The Frameless mask is available in black or clear, as the name might suggest it is frameless with only silicone surrounding the tempered glass. This means it folds nicely to fit into a pocket as a spare. Popular with technical divers for that reason, it is a good all rounder that fits a wide variety of people well. Here at Deep Blue it is a best seller!

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  • Beaver Ghost Mask

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  • Beaver Frameless Diving Mask

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