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IST Sports Corp., founded in 1976, started out as an original equipment manufacturer producing quality masks and snorkels for well-known international brands. Now a fully established brand themselves, we stock a selection of IST masks which offer something unique for your diving experience.

The new Vega mask is similar to the Beaver Ghost mask: the tinted lenses gives the fisherman extra advantage to sneak up on a prey without startling the prey. The tinting also has the advantage of acting also like sunglasses, reducing surface glare when swimming at or near the surface, so you can see the whole amazing experience!

The Mirage mask is unique because of the lower part of the lens which is tilted and magnified, making it ideal for magnifying reading dive computers and gauges. An ideal solution for those who may need to wear prescription lenses for reading, avoid the expense of replacing the whole lens and opt for this alternative!

The unique ProEar designed to ease equalisation and reduce the possibility of ear infection by significantly reducing the water which will enter your ears. The tube which connects the mask panel to the ear pockets allows for the air you breathe out through your nose to travel to those section to clear them simultaneously. 

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  • IST Pro Ear Diving Mask

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  • IST Gauge Mask

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