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We have an outstanding collection of snorkels suitable for breathing from the surface when shallow diving. There are 3 different types of snorkel’s to choose from; the Purge Snorkel, Semi Dry Snorkel and Dry Snorkels.

Dry snorkels use the latest manufacturing technology to close when immersed underwater and then naturally open up when resurfacing again. These are especially great for shallow diving permitting you to freely free dive without any problems and without the concern that you may consume water.

Choosing a snorlkel very much depends on what it is you are using it for. There are a variety of snorkels available on the market, each with their own qualities. If you need more information on snorkels to make sure you pick the right one, please feel free to contact us. An experienced member of our team will be more than happy to help.

We stock a selection of snorkels from some of the top diving brands available. Such brands include; ApeksAqualungDeepBlue, MaresNorthern DiverScubaproSub gear and Tusa.

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  • DBE Deluxe Snorkel

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  • DBE Purge Snorkel

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  • Deep Blue Deluxe Snorkel (CLEARANCE)

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3 Item(s)