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Suunto Sk6 Compass

Suunto Sk6 Compass

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Diving consoles & compasses from Suunto to aid you with your scuba diving experiences, including pressure gauges, compasses, depth gauges, water temperature gauges & much more. Used to provide you with all the vital information required

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Suunto SK6 Compass

A compass helps you know where you are and where you're going, which is useful because being underwater can throw off your sense of direction, whioch is not something anyn diver or snorkeler wants to hapopen! Having and using a compass lets you follow a designated course, find your way to the exit, and know where you are at all times. SDometimes it comes in handy at the surface, such as ijn low-visibility conditions like fog. A dive compass will be liquid filled to make it poressure resistane, and to help stabilize the compass needle. The preferred type of compass has a reference mark called the Lubber Line and index markers that you align iover the compass needle to maintain a directional heading. As with other dive instruments, rinse your compass after each dive, avoid driopping it and keep it out of direct sunlight.

The SK-6 is a compact and useful card-style dive compass. It has improved acrylic capsule design for added durability, flushing holes, a side-reading window and a rotating bezel with luminous markings. With a easy to adjust strap which is made out of strong and long lasting material so you are always assisted by this brilliant com pass.


  • Low profile
  • Phosphorescent compass card
  • Reversed bezel
  • Side reading window
  • Tilt potential of +/- 14°
Customer Reviews
Suunto Sk6 Compass
Review by Leo, Posted 15/03/2012
Good inexpensive compass which is not as bulky as the SK7.

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