Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Regulator

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Experience the benefits of Nitrox, extreme cold-water performance and customisability with the affordable Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Regulator.

Free UK Delivery

Experience the benefits of Nitrox, extreme cold-water performance and customisability with the affordable Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Regulator.

Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Regulator

Experience the benefits of Nitrox, extreme cold-water performance and customisability with the affordable Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Regulator.

The Nitrox variant of the XTX50 regulator has been laboriously oxygen-cleaned in Apeks specialised labs and fitted with an M26 EU standard connection. This allows it to be used with 100%-Oxygen Nitrox blends. Enjoy longer bottom times and fewer decompression stops.

When you’re exploring harsh underwater environments you need to be able to rely on your 1st stage. The Nitrox DST 1st stage is environmentally sealed, protecting it against icebuild-up so you never need to worry about freeflow. Similarly when you descend deeper, the water pressure around you constricts the airflow through your hoses; the DST’s overbalanced diaphragm increases the air pressure as you descend ensuring breathing is always relaxed and easy.

To allow for streamlined routing the DST 1st stage features a swivel head, 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports.

The NXT50 is designed to give you full control over your dive experience. The interchangeable exhaust allows you to choose between a compact exhaust for convenience or a larger exhaust for superior bubble dispersion. The venturi control and Opening Effort dial let you configure your regulator to suit your preference or environment for full control of your breathing feel. Pneumatically balanced, Nitrox XTX50 2nd stage delivers consistent and effortless breathing throughout your dive, even when your tanks are running low on pressure.

In Europe the Apex Nitrox Regulators are sold with an M26 connection.

Do not attempt to use any Nitrox Product until you have obtained training in nitrox use with mixtures containing over 21% 02 from a nationally recognised training agency.


  • 100%-Oxygen Nitrox Compatible - While many of regulators are able to support low concentration nitrox blends the Apeks Nitrox XTX50 has been oxygen cleaned - a complex a rigorous procedure that must be undertook is incredibly clean labs. This allows it use 100% oxygen nitrox blends, enough for the most advanced divers!

Apeks Nitrox XTX50 DST 1st Stage

  • Over-Balanced Diaphragm - Designed for technical diving, the DST 1st has an over-balanced diaphragm ensuring it performs flawlessly even in extremely deep water.
  • Environmentally Sealed - The Apeks XTX50 DST 1st is environmentally sealed. This prevents water getting into the regulator and causing ice build-up. Similarly, this prevents bacteria or mould entering the system and causing the quality of your air supply to deteriorate.
  • Cold Water Ready - The Apeks XTX50 has been designed for technical diving and thus is rated for harsh water temperatures below 10*C.
  • Swivel Head - The DST head swivels allowing you to route your hoses optimally and eliminate kinks.
  • Easy Hose Routing - The DST features 2 high pressure ports and low pressure ports that allow you to easily attach and route all of your hoses.
    • 2 High Pressure Ports (7/16" UNF)
    • 4 Low Pressure Ports (3/8" UNF)
  • Optional 5th Port - A 5th optional port allows you to configure more complex scuba setups easily.

Apeks Nitrox XTX50 2nd Stage

  • Diver Changeable Exhaust - Apeks have designed their XTX range to suit you. The 2nd stage comes with two swappable exhausts, a larger one for improved bubble clearance and a lightweight compact exhaust to ease of use.
  • Pneumatically Balanced - The XTX50 2nd stage is pneumatically balanced. This ensures that you receive consistent and clear airflow even when your tank has little air inside.
  • Opening Effort Control - The opening effort control allows you to configure how easy your breathing is throughout your dive for an optimal performance and comfort.
  • Venturi Control - Use the Venturi Control to prevent freeflow.
  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece - The Apeks XTX50 features a comfo-bite mouthpiece. This uses a bridge that sits across your palate to support your 2nd stage reducing jaw fatigue and helps to prevent your mouth drying out.
  • Large Purge Button - The large 2-stage purge button is easily accessible and allow for either a slow, controlled purge or more rapid full purge action.

Who is the Nitrox XTX50 Regulator For?

If you’re looking for the full Nitrox experience from a reliable brand like Apeks but don’t want to pay the premium for their top end regulators, the XTX50 is the option for you. Feature packed, it doesn’t compromise on performance and is the ideal choice for most divers looking to delve into Nitrox.

It’s important to remember that if you plan on using nitrox you must first receive training from an official training agency.

Who are Apeks?

Well known for their design and manufacturing of high quality breathing apparatus, Apeks supply more UK divers with regulators than any other dive manufacturer. Apeks has grown to become one of the benchmarks of the industry with superior standards in both engineering and design. Innovative development of not only their regulators but other diving equipment, Apeks offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their equipment, a testimony to the reliability and quality.

Apeks Nitrox XTX50 Specification
Connections M26 and DIN available
Type of first stage Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
Body Type MP ports mounted on swivel turret
Number of HP ports 2 (7/16" UNF)
Number of MP ports 4 with 5th port option (3/8" UNF)
Environmental Dry Kit Standard
First stage exterior Chrome over marine brass
Orientation Convertible LH or RH
Coldwater Use Yes
Type of second stage Pneumatically balanced
Opening Effort Control Knob Yes
Integrated Venturi Lever Yes
Mouthpiece Comfo-bite™
Exhaust tee Diver Changeable - comes with 2 sets
Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance Yes
Hose type Braided Flexi-hose
Overall work of breathing (WOB) scores Avg. 0.70 joules/liter
Nitrox compatible Yes to 40% O2 when new, out of the box / Can be cleaned to 100%
Weight Yoke 1269g / DIN 1139g
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Technical Specifications 

XTX Series Regulators

Regulator  XTX Tungsten XTX200 XTX100 XTX50 XTX50/DS4 XTX40 ATX40
First Stage - Diaphragm 

Connections - Yoke


- Din

Over-balanced Diaphragm Design
Environmentally Sealed
Swivel Turret 1st Stage          
PVD First Stage Exterior             
Number of HP Ports 2 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF) 1 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF) 1 (7/16" UNF)
Number of MP Ports

4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)

4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)

4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)

4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)

4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)


4 with 5th port option 

(3/8" UNF)

4 (3/8" UNF)
Reversible Controls  
Coldwater Ready


Venturi Lever
Opening Effort Control Knob    
Comfo-bite Mouthpiece
Nitrox Compatible
Diver Changeable Exhaust Tee
Work of Breathing Score Avg 0.70 joules/litre Avg 0.70 joules/litre Avg 0.70 joules/litre Avg 0.70 joules/litre Avg 0.70 joules/litre Avg 0.85 joules/litre Avg 0.85 joules/litre

Yoke 1272g

DIN 1142g

Yoke 1322g

DIN 1192g

Yoke 1269g

DIN 1139g


Yoke 1230g

DIN 110g

Yoke 1130


Heat Exchanger  

Non XTX-Series Regulators

Regulator  XL4 MTX-R AT/US4 FLIGHT
First Stage - Diaphragm 

Connections - Yoke

- Din

Over-balanced Diaphragm Design
Pneumatically Balanced        
Environmentally Sealed    
Swivel Turret 1st Stage        
PVD First Stage Exterior         
Number of HP Ports 1 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF) 1 (7/16" UNF) 2 (7/16" UNF)
Number of MP Ports 4 (3/8" UNF) 5 (3/8" UNF) 4 (3/8" UNF) 4 (3/8" UNF)
Reversible Controls      
Coldwater Ready ✔ (Extreme)    
Venturi Lever  
Opening Effort Control Knob      
Comfo-bite Mouthpiece
Nitrox Compatible    
Diver Changeable Exhaust Tee      
Work of Breathing Score Avg 0.90 joules/litre Avg 1.75 joules/litre    
Heat Exchanger    

Understanding Apex Regulators

Apeks regulators are some of the most popular on the market (and certainly our biggest seller!). Whether you’re a UK diver tackling icey-cold conditions or a tropical undersea explorer, Apeks regs are known for their uncompromising reliability, performance and engineering.

As a UK born brand, Apeks have over 30 years of experience developing regulators for our truly brutal conditions and there’s a good reason why they’re seen so often among experienced divers.

Whether you’re looking for your first reg on a tight budget or an experienced diver looking to enjoy the performance of a top-level regulator it’s worth knowing what you’re getting for your money and the differences between the various models in Apeks’ range.


What goes into an Apeks Regulator? As a leading brand in diving technology, Apeks use a host of advanced technologies to deliver impressive performance.

Overbalanced Diaphragm Design

If you intend to take on seriously deep water an overbalanced first stage is a blessing. When you descend the ambient pressure around you compresses your gas/air, restricting flow between your first stage and second stage and making breathing more difficult. The deeper you go, the greater this effect.

While all regulators counteract this effect to some degree by gradually increasing the rate of pressure through your hoses, overbalanced regulators increase the rate of inter-stage pressure at a much greater rate than normal first stage designs ensuring breathing is easy no matter the depth you’re diving at.

The over-balanced diaphragm design is found on Apeks Tungsten, XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, XTX40 and XTX50/DS4 first stages.

Environmental Dry Sealing System

Nearly all Apeks regulators are environmentally sealed.

Firstly, this prevents ice buildup on the main spring that can occur in extremely cold water and cause freeflow (when your regulator ‘freezes’ open, wasting air).

Secondly, the seal prevents contaminants like silt or microbes from entering the system and potentially harming you. For the same reason, the internals of the dry sealed regulators require less regular maintenance, though you should always spend a bit of time cleaning your gear properly after every dive.

‘Medium Pressure’ Ports

Apeks use the term ‘Medium Pressure’ to describe intermediate pressure or low pressure ports. This is a historical throwback, but they’re exactly the same.

Reversible Design

Apeks XTX range of regulators are reversible allowing you to route your hoses from either the right or left side of the second stage to suit your preference. Similarly, the venturi switch and exhaust is also reversible.

Diver Changeable Exhaust System.

XTX regulators feature the Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system which offers users the choice of either a compact, light-weight exhaust tee on the second stage or a wider exhaust. The wider exhaust prevents bubble interference which is ideal for underwater photographers!

The Apeks Regulator Line-Up

While you can buy both the Apeks first and second stages individually, most divers will want to purchase a full set as this offers the best value for money.

All of Apeks’ ATX, XTX and MTX regulators are environmentally sealed and overbalanced making them suitable for diving in sub 10*C conditions.

The Apeks Regulator Line-Up

While you can buy both the Apeks first and second stages individually, most divers will want to purchase a full set as this offers the best value for money.

All of Apeks’ ATX, XTX and MTX regulators are environmentally sealed and overbalanced making them suitable for diving in sub 10*C conditions.

Apeks ATX

  • First Stage: DS4

  • Second Stage: ATX40

Apeks entry level, sealed, cold-water regulator, the ATX offers straightforward, reliable performance that’s ready for UK diving. The ATX is sold with the ever reliable DS4 first stage. While it’s nothing flashy, it features 1 low pressure port and 4 high pressure ports which should offer enough flexibility for beginner and experienced divers alike.

The only real downside is the slightly bulky nature of the second stage and lack of adjustability that Apeks’ more expensive offerings offer.

Apeks XTX40

  • First Stage: DST

  • Second Stage  XTX40

The XTX40 steps up from where the ATX leaves off. Paired with the DST first Stage the combo delivers a tangible step-up in performance at an affordable price. The more up to date XTX40 second stage provides noticeably improved breathing over the ATX40, as well as being lighter. The DST second stage provides 2 low pressure and 4 high pressure ports with a swivel turret which provides a whole lot more flexibility. Lastly, the second stage is rated more highly for use at extreme depths than their entry level models, though in reality first stages like the DS4 are going to function equally well for most dives!

Apeks XTX50

  • First Stage: DST

  • Second Stage XTX50

The XTX50 is our recommendation for most divers as it offers the best between cost and features. The second stage is the same as the XTX40 with addition of a diver adjustable breathing resistance control which we think is worth the extra small outlay. The XTX50 + DST combo is probably Apeks’ best seller for good reason. Its dependable, high performing and feature rich, it’s everything you could ask for in a regulator without spending big bucks.

Apeks XTX100

  • First Stage: FST

  • Second Stage: XTX100

Internally, the XTX50, XTX100 and XTX200 second stages are exactly the same. However the  XTX100 + XTX200 second stages are constructed using lighter, higher quality ,materials which should make them more hard wearing in the long run. It’s not necessary, but when considering your purchase as a long term investment it might be worth thinking about.

The Apeks FST first stage is a serious bit of a kit. Not just a beautiful piece of engineering, it offers typically flawless Apeks’ performance. Angled ports provide improved routing for your hoses which can be extra handy for keeping them tamed.

Apeks XTX200

  • First Stage: FSR

  • Second Stage XTX200

The XTX second stage features the same spec as the XTX100 model, with a slightly upgraded body.

The FSR Second stage offers similar features to the FST first stage but with a removable ARCAP Valve seat which should allow you to keep using the FSR for forever and a day, if you’re looking for a no holds-barred reg the XTX200 might be the way to go.

Apeks Tungsten XTX

  • First Stage: Tungsten FSR

  • Second Stage: Tungsten XTX200

Exactly the same as the XTX200, but with a nuclear bomb-proof PVD coating made from Titanium, Zirconium and Chromium that makes the Tungsten XTX nearly indestructible. It might be a touch over the top - but if you’re looking for a beautiful piece of dive engineering that will perform flawlessly anywhere and double as an art piece when you’re out of the water...get the Tungsten XTX.

Apeks MTX-R

  • First Stage: MTX-R

  • Second Stage: MTX-R

Based on the Apeks’ military grade MTX regulator, the MTX R is an incredible piece of engineering. We’ll be honest, for most of you this level of tech simply isn’t necessary. However, if you’re looking for the toughest regulator on the market that shrugs off near zero degrees condition there simply aren’t any options that even get near the MTX-R.

Apeks XL4

  • First Stage: XL4

  • Second Stage: DB4

The XL4 is the bridge between Apeks super-light ‘Flight’ travel reg and their best-selling XTX series regs. Tough as a tank, cold-water ready and comfortably light, the XL4 is remarkably good and has been cutting a fine figure, receiving top marks across the board from a host of reviewers and we think if you can afford it, it should be the go-to regulator if you dive a variety of environments and like to travel!

Warm Water & Travel Regulators Regulators

Unlike the rest of Apeks’ range which are designed to laugh off the harshest conditions, their warm water regulators are designed for more pleasant climes - while this might make them less than ideal for diving off the coast of Scotland, these regulators offer their own advantages - we’ve separated them from Apeks’ mainstream options for this reason.

Apeks Flight

  • First Stage: Flight

  • Second Stage: Flight

When the Flight was released to the world it was the lightest regulator on the market by a serious margin and it’s still up there. The hint is in the name really: Flight. If you’re a regular jetsetter who dives in warmer climates (anything above 10*c) the Flight is a great option.

Apeks AT

  • First Stage: US4

  • Second Stage: AT

Apeks entry level offering displays the brands usual bulletproof build-quality and impressive breathing despite the asking price. While it’s neither feature rich nor suitable for cold water diving, but if you’re on a budget and dive in pleasant conditions, it's still a great place to start for a beginner.


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