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Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer

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The i300C’s is uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world. With an easy-to-use interface this watch is a great piece of equipment to take on a dive so then you can have all the information you will need on your wrist. The watch style computer also features a built-in backlight so then you can see the display in low lighting.

Deep Blue Dive Free Delivery

The i300C’s is uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world. With an easy-to-use interface this watch is a great piece of equipment to take on a dive so then you can have all the information you will need on your wrist. The watch style computer also features a built-in backlight so then you can see the display in low lighting.

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Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer + Aqua Lung Argonaut Knife (Spartan-Tip)
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Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer + Aqua Lung Aleutian Gloves - 3mm

Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer

The i300C’s is uncomplicated, effortless approach and rugged design defines its place in the dive world. With an easy-to-use interface this watch is a great piece of equipment to take on a dive so then you can have all the information you will need on your wrist. The watch style computer also features a built-in backlight so then you can see the display in low lighting.

This comfortable watch style dive computer includes 4 operating modes which include Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer), and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between Dive and Free). Having these operating modes makes this dive computer suitable for most diving conditions, making this a must have. This dive computer has effortless design, such as a water-activated on switch, it gets you right in the water and descending in your next adventure.

This durable, versatile and affordable dive computer is great for new divers as well as dive schools and centers. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the DiverLog app to share dive log information and connect with dive buddies on most mobile devices. Divers will appreciate the data retention feature that saves past settings and calculations between battery changes.

Key Benefits

  • Audible Alarm - This computer features audible alarms and additional high-visibility LED warning light for additional adjustment.
  • History Mode - The i300C dive computer includes a history mode which includes total number of dives, max depth, total dive hours and lowest temperature.
  • Pre-Dive Planning - This Dive Computer has a pre-dive planning feature which allows a preview of planned dives to confirm no-decompression limits.
  • User-updatable Software - The user updatable software gives access to the latest features and upgrades (must purchase optional download cable).
  • Simple to Use - This Dive Computer comes with a DiverLog software on the PC or Mac, which allows control of all your dive computer settings, view Log and Profile data, add location, notes and other details, as well as store and share photos & videos.
  • Water Selection - This Dive Computer can be used in saltwater and freshwater which divers can select accordingly.
  • 4 Operating Modes - Air, Nitrox, Gauge (with run timer) and Free Dive (tracks calculations to allow switching between DIVE and Free).
  • Water Activation - The i300C includes water activation feature, to give a no-worries start to the dive.
  • Single Button - This dive computer includes a single button which can be pressed to access last dive display (max depth and bottom time).
  • Nitrox Mix To 50% O2 - This computer includes optional deep stop with countdown timer, salt or freshwater dive selection and automatic attitude adjustment ensures an accurate profile.

Who is Aqua Lung i300C Dive Computer for?

This well designed watch style dive computer is for any diver looking for a computer which will give them all the data needed. This computer also saves previous dive data and also can be downloaded to devices, this is a great feature for all divers and gives you all the information you need. This comfortable dive watch is easy to see underwater even in low light thanks to the built-in backlight. This durable, versatile and affordable dive computer is great for new divers as well as dive schools and centers. With 4 operating modes this computer is perfect for many different types of dive, it even has the capability to operate in saltwater and freshwater.

Who are Aqua Lung?

Aqua Lung introduced the world to Scuba diving equipment more than 60 years ago. Aqua Lung manufacture good quality Scuba diving equipment including regulators, masks and high performance torches. They pride themselves in making diving equipment which allows divers to explore the ocean safely and make memorable moments.

Aqualung i300C Dive Computer
Bluetooth Smart Yes
User Replacement Battery Yes
Digital Compass No
Number of Gasses 3
Max 02 % 100%
Operating Modes 4
Automatic Altitude Adjustment Yes
Download Cable Included No
Apnea Timer Yes
Custom Alarms Yes
Compatibility With DiverLog Software (PC, Mac, iOS & Android) Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Optional Deep Stop Yes
Z+ Algorithm Yes
2 Year Warranty Yes


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Features and Technology







OLED Color Display        
Rechargeable Battery Option        
Number of Transmitters* 3 3      
Gas Time Remaining*      
User Replaceable Battery
Bungee Mount        
Digital Compass      
Number of Gasses 3 3 3 2 2
Ma✓ O2 % 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Operating Modes 4 4 4 4 4
Automatic Altitude Adjustment
Download Cable Included      
Apnea Timer
Custom Alarms
Compatibility with DiverLog Software**
Low Battery Indicator
Optional Deep Stop
Push Button Navigation
PZ+ Algorithm
2-Year Warranty

Technology and Terminology

Acti (wet or button) Activates the computer when you get in contact with water or push the button to start the dive
Algorithm The Bühlmann decompression algorithm is a mathematical model (algorithm) of the way in which inert gases enter and leave the human body as ambient pressure changes
ALT adjustable Altitude adjustment for accurate calculation when diving at altitude
Ascent rate indicator Shows you the speed of the ascent of your dive
Audible alarm Acoustic signal for any pre-set parameters which are related to the safety of the diver
Backlight Illumination of the screen underwater
Battery power indicator Shows the current battery level
Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth Smart is a low energy wireless personal area network technology, that allows transmission between a dive computer and a mobile device
Bookmark Used to mark important points during the dive, which can be seen in the DiverLog program
Bourdon tube A mechanical device that measures pressure
Conservative factor adjustment When the Conservative Factor is set on, the no-decompression limit times are reduced to values equivalent to those that would be available at the ne✓t higher 3000 foot (915 meter) altitude
Declination adjustment Allows you to adjust your compass for ideal accuracy
Deep stop Deep stop is an e✓tra voluntary safety stop at depth prior to the safety stop, which may be set by the diver
Depth alarm Will sound alarm once ma✓imum depth, set by diver, is reached
Download Download updates or settings from DiverLog
Download cable Is the connection to your PC / Mac to upload or download your data
DTR alarm Dive Time Remaining alarm
EDT alarm Elapsed Dive Time alarm
Free dive Diving without dive cylinder to calculate and track Nitrogen Tissue Loading, allowing you to switch between SCUBA dives and Free Dives on the same dive day
FO2 Fraction of o✓ygen settings, FO2 is the fraction of o✓ygen in the mi✓ture. For e✓ample, if a gas contains 36% o✓ygen (FO2 = 0.36)
Fresh / salt water select Ability to select water type, for accuracy of the algorithm’s calculation
Gas integration Contact with your first stage / tank which shows you how much gas you still have in your cylinder
Gas time remaining Calculation of timing remaining based on current depth and gas consumption rate
Gauge mode Divers using advanced breathing gases or diving beyond the limits of the dive computer may utilize the computer as an advanced digital depth gauge and bottom timer with detailed PC Interface
History mode Gives you a quick overview of important information from prior dives
Hoseless gas integration Eliminates the need of a traditional hose to provide your pressure information
LCD display A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs)
Logbook A logbook is used to record the details of your dives
Ma✓ depth Deepest point during the dive
Ma✓ PO2 alarm Alarm sounds once ma✓ PO2 level is reached
Mounting option A different way of attaching the computer
Nitro✓ mode Specifically set to calculate based on your FO2
OLED display Organic Light Emitting Diode display is a light-emitting diode (LED) in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current, resulting in a crisp, easy-to-read display
Plan mode Allows you to plan and preview your dive in advance
PO2 Partial pressure of o✓ygen. PO2 is a critical component of calculating your ma✓imum o✓ygen saturation
Run timer Safety stops are considered mandatory by the majority of scuba training organizations for dives deeper than 100 feet or those approaching a no-decompression limit. While not strictly necessary, most dive agencies promote as safe diving practice
Set audible on/off Ability to turn the acoustic alarm on/off
Set deep stop on/off Deep stop is an e✓tra voluntary safety stop in depth ne✓t to the mandatory stop in shallow water
Shortcut screen With a single press of the button, you will see all the main dive information for your logbook
TLBG alarm Tissue Loading Bar Graph alarm will sound when ma✓imum rate, set by diver, is reached


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