Cressi Scuba Diving Equipment


Cressi is a Family Owned Company that creates premium water sports products for people that love the water and the sea. Our goal is to create the highest quality products, and our family's name is molded into every product that we make. Our priority is that everyone that uses a Cressi product, will enjoy his or her water sports experience.

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  1. Cressi Thor EBS Fins
  2. Cressi Frog Plus Fins
    Cressi Frog Plus Fins RRP £78.99
  3. Cressi Lui 2.5mm Mens Wetsuit
  4. Cressi ARA EBS Fins
    Cressi ARA EBS Fins RRP £135.00
  5. Cressi Free Frog Fins
    Cressi Free Frog Fins RRP £55.00
  6. Cressi MG Balanced Octopus
  7. Cressi Commander Evolution BCD
    Cressi Commander Evolution BCD RRP £1,234.00
    Out of stock
  8. Cressi Carbon BCD
    Cressi Carbon BCD RRP £1,234.00
    Out of stock
  9. Cressi Pro Star Full Foot Fins
  10. Cressi Pluma Full Foot Fins
  11. Cressi Agua Fin
    Cressi Agua Fin RRP £29.00
  12. Cressi Palau Fins
    Cressi Palau Fins RRP £35.00
  13. Cressi Palau SAF Fins
    Cressi Palau SAF Fins RRP £35.00
  14. Cressi Zeus Mask
  15. Cressi SF1 Mask
  16. Cressi Nano Mask
    Cressi Nano Mask RRP £69.00
  17. Cressi Liberty Triside Mask
  18. Cressi Matrix Mask
    Cressi Matrix Mask RRP £55.00
  19. Cressi Lince Mask
    Cressi Lince Mask RRP £55.00
  20. Cressi Superocchio Mask
    Cressi Superocchio Mask RRP £59.00
    Out of stock
  21. Cressi Minidry Snorkel
  22. Clearance Cressi Piper Bag
  23. Cressi 360 Regulator Bag
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