TUSA Scuba Diving Equipment



One of the world’s first mask and snorkel manufacturers, Tusa was founded in Japan in 1952 by Kazuo Tabata who made his first masks by hand in a humble garage. Since those early beginnings, Tusa have been dedicated to innovation in snorkeling technology.

With Tusa branded dive equipment you know you’re going to get the best quality equipment. Every item manufactured to the highest ISO 9001 Standards. At Deep Blue we are happy to recommend Tusa equipment to anyone looking for high quality dive gear.

While TUSA have allows been known for their advanced snorkels, masks and fins, they’re a diverse brand with a wide range of high quality knives, Dive Computers and regulators.

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  1. Tusa Visio Tri-ex Mask (M-31)
  2. Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel
    Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel RRP £31.50
  3. Tusa Aqua Shoe
    Tusa Aqua Shoe RRP £11.50
  4. Tusa Freedom HD Dive Mask
  5. Tusa Freedom Ceos Mask
  6. Tusa Freedom One Mask (M-211)
  7. Tusa Kleio II Mask (M-111)
  8. Tusa Geminus Mask (M-28)
  9. Tusa Splendive II Dive Mask (TM-7500)
    Tusa Splendive II Dive Mask (TM-7500)
  10. Tusa Platina Mask - Cobalt Blue
    Tusa Platina Mask - Cobalt Blue RRP £57.50
    Special Price £47.00 Regular Price £57.50
  11. TUSA Paragon (M2001SQB) Dive Mask
    TUSA Paragon Dive Mask (M2001SQB) RRP £185.00
  12. TUSA Freedom Tina (M-1002) Mask
  13. TUSA M-24 Corrective Lens
  14. TUSA Optical Frame Kit
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