Waterproof Scuba Diving Equipment



Waterproof believe their wetsuits are fitting for the true vikings. Hailing from Sweden their exposure protection has been meticulously designed and tested to suit the needs of divers challenging themselves in the most extreme aquatic environments on the planet.  

Waterproof pride themselves on their boutique credentials and make the finest quality wet and drysuits for the divers who desire the ultimate in comfort, style, thermal protection and usability.

Waterproof have earned numerous accolades and awards for their world-class wetsuits - for instance winning the Tauchen award for best Wetsuit brand in Europe for numerous running years.

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  1. Waterproof G1 5mm 5-Finger Gloves
    Waterproof G1 5mm 5-finger Gloves RRP £67.50
  2. Waterproof H1 5/7mm Hood
  3. Waterproof H1 Bibless 3/5mm Vented Hood
  4. Waterproof B1 Boot 6.5mm
  5. Waterproof - W1 5mm Mens Wetsuit
  6. Waterproof W30 Mens Shortie 2.5mm
  7. Waterproof W30 Mens Wetsuit 2.5mm
  8. Waterproof G1 3mm Gloves
  9. Waterproof W1 5mm Ladies Wetsuit
  10. Waterproof - W1 5mm Overvest Mens Wetsuit
  11. Waterproof G1 1.5mm Gloves
  12. Waterproof S30 2mm Socks
  13. Waterproof G30 2.5mm Gloves
  14. Waterproof HD Silicone Wrist Seal
  15. Waterproof W50 5mm Ladies Wetsuit
  16. WaterProof Mesh Tec 3D Pants
  17. Waterproof W4 7mm Mens Wetsuit
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