Scuba Diving Accessories

We realise that as a diver having diving accessories is just as important as having the essentials. We have therefore put together a fantastic collection of specially designed diving accessories to enhance your diving experience. Our diving accessories are designed to make your journey more exciting and comfortable but more than that they are designed to keep you safe and free from harm.  Some accessories that we supply include clips, locks, rings, straps, protectors and underwater pencils. Our accessories may not be needed on every dive however we know that they will without a doubt be of use to you at some stage or another. We set out to make your time below the water as enjoyable and memorable as possible so that you can treasure those moments forever. 

With our diving accessories you can rest assure that you will be fully equipped for every dive you take. Preparing yourself properly will not only ensure your safety but your level of enjoyment too. Nobody wants to miss out on the wonders of the sea due to a lack of preparation, come and see us today and our dedicated team of staff will be happy to help. 

And if that wasn’t enough we have a full range of scuba diving accessories for the following equipment; BCDs, Dive Computers, Diving Fins, Knives, Diving Masks, Regulators, Snorkels, Diving Tanks and Weights.

Clips | Hoses | Slates | Care & Maintenance | Padi Materials | Valves | Hangers

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