BCD & Wings

BCD & Wings

Scuba Diving BCDs & Wings

Scuba Diving BCDs and Wings are essential as part of your scuba diving equipment. Used to provide much needed emergency buoyancy underwater and also on the surface. They give you the options to adjust and control your overall buoyancy and heavy equipment whilst diving allowing you to achieve neutral buoyancy, keeping you at a at constant depth, or used to descend and ascend in a effective controlled manner. There are 3 main types of BCD’s; wings, stab jacket, and divers lifejackets. All which are used to aid you with your diving experience.

Features of the Buoyancy Compensators include; weight integration, air pumps and pressurisation valves for quick air release, backplate to support diving cylinders, pockets and anchor points for clipping other equipment to, also emergency inflation cylinders.

We have a range of male, female, weight integrated and lightweight BCD’s and wings perfect for part of your diving equipment. Available in different styles with different added features to meet your demands and suit your style and advancement in diving skills and experience.

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