As the world’s most versatile camera, the Go Pro camera is the perfect underwater camera to capture all your diving moments and experiences. Deep Blue Dive sell the best selling range of Go Pro Hero3 Cameras and a wide range of accessories for all your scuba diving needs, to get the most out of your diving and capture those magical moments forever.

GoPro are renowned for having some of the best action sports cameras and products on the market, allowing you to take incredible pictures of your extreme sports creating spectacular images so you can make the memory last forever.Deep Blue Dive now stock the best selling range of Go Pro Hero3 Cameras for your scuba diving and other extreme sporting needs.

The Go Pro Cameras come in Black, Silver and White and feature HD recording, Wi-Fi functionality and App compatibility to sync your recorded videos with your mobile devices. Smaller, lighter and 2x more powerful, the Go Pro camera packs some punch with faster video and photo performance, so you can be sure that you have the very best equipment underwater.

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