Consoles & Compass

Scuba Diving Consoles & Compass

On this page we present you our choice of scuba diving consoles and diving compasses to assist you with your diving experiences. Including pressure gauges, compasses, depth gauges, water temperature gauges and much more.

This will help provide you with all the important information you will need. An essential for any serious diver to guarantee that your diving experience is as safe and as comfortable as possible which we know is a top priority for our customers. The use of quality accurate consoles and gauges can prove priceless whilst diving and could be the difference between having a safe enjoyable dive and being caught up in a serious accident, so yes this equipment is crucial!

We have a wide choice of consoles and gauges from top brands such as; Apeks, Beaver, Mares, Problue, Scubapro, Subgear, Suunto and Uwatec.

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