Apeks is renowned throughout the world for quality dive equipment and as much care is taken with their gauge consoles.

All Apeks consoles are manufactured with the utmost care to the highest quality, housed in a specially designed cases with high pressure hose. Apeks has a range of combined consoles, available here from Deep Blue. The 2 Gauge console, for example, combines a pressure (contents) gauge and a depth gauge. The consoles from Apeks clearly display your pressure, orientation and depth readings for easy viewing under water and the dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions. 

Their new streamline range of gauges and consoles is proving popular and complements their regulator products nicely. The sleek styling of the housing offers a low profile unit and an extremely comfortable grip.  The design marries with Apeks regulators such as the XTX range and the Flight range.

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