Scuba Diving Hoses

We have a fantastic selection of diving hoses and hose components available for use when diving. Many of the products are ideal for upgrading or replacing the existing parts of your dive gauge. A number of our products also feature lighter options, reinforced strength and low or high pressure hoses. It is advised that hoses should be attached and fitted by somebody who is fully trained or has experience in replacing hoses. The best thing to do when having a hose replaced is to have it done by the hose manufacturer, this will ensure compatibility.

We stock a whole range of hoses and components including those by popular brand names Apeks, Miflex, Beaver, Scubapro and Xs Scuba.

Remember that this in an extremely important part of your diving kit and should be fitted with care and attention. If you need any help with this please come and see a member of our team. They will be happy to assist you and give you any other advice you need. 

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