XS Scuba

XS Scuba

XS Scuba may be a newer name in the diving industry; however, the ownership behind the name is anything but new. XS Scuba was formed in 2002 by three individuals that spent many years working together developing, promoting and selling diving equipment for one of the major dive manufacturers.

We carry a range of XS hose related products such as QD Adaptors, and angled adaptors, which serve a range of functions including regulators, BCD, drysuits and more. With Viton O-rings and chrome finish, these are high quality functional adapters for all your hose needs. 

The XS Scuba Scubapro style adapter will convert any standard regulator hose to a "ScubaPro Style" QD hose, which is great for matching compatibility between hoses and other pieces of equipment.

We have a great range of Hoses from other manufactures


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