Seac Sub

Seac Sub

Seac Sub is a well known Italian brand producing scuba equipment since 1971. Here at Deep Blue Dive, we liked the styling of Seac Sub's Dive knives and thought they would complement our product range.

The three offerings from the Seac Sub Rip range are the Tek, the Race and the Fish knife. Equally matched in price and materials, even the handle is the same. What distinguished the difference between this range of knives if the blade itself and therefore what function it better serves.

For example, the Race knife with blunted edge is the safest in the range, ensuring that no other equipment will become accidentally damaged. The Rip Fish however, has a very sharp tip ideal for penetrable tasks and maximum cutting capacity. The Tek version offers a blade of high-performance martensitic stainless steel that lends the knife excellent resistance, to corrosion, wear, and has a high hardness rating of >56° HRC.

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