In business for over 35 years A.P. Valves has been manufacturing Scuba equipment which is well known for it's quality durability and general robust nature, produced by divers for divers.

Here at Deep Blue Dive, we stock the Buddy Jon Line from A.P. Valves, which offers a way of keeping contact with your dive buddy when you need to. It is the ideal tool in certain conditions - for example poor visibility, in a rip current, when drift diving or any training situation where the instructor wants to ensure contact with the student.

The Buddy Jon Line can also be used as a Jon-line for 'hands-free' attachment at the deco-stop. The 1.25m line is made from the toughest 25mm bright yellow webbing and features a loop at one end for hand or a D Ring attachment. It also features a brass spring clip at the other end to link to your buddy.

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