Reels, Smb, Lift Bags

Reels, Smb, Lift Bags

Diving reels are usually used for a secure connection between you (the diver) and a surface marker buoy (SMB). Other uses include exploration of wreck and cave dive spots, search and recovery safety lines and for general diver training.

We have a variety of reels, SMB’s and accessories to aid you with your diving experience. Reels come in a selection of lengths which are then attached to your surface marker buoy or tied off from a shot line because it is crucial for you to have maximum safety whilst out on your diving adventures!

The reels and SMB’s are an important piece of kit for a diver to ensure that they remain as safe as possible at all times.  As long as the diver is attached to the line they will be easy to locate should something go wrong below the surface. 

We have a range of reels, SMB’s and accessories from top brands including A.P Valves, Beaver, IST, Lumb Bros, Northern Diver and Scubapro.

If you think you need more help and information on these products please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. Our staff have years diving experience and knowledge that they are more than happy to share with you. 

We also sell Lanyards

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