In business for over 35 years AP Valves has been manufacturing Scuba equipment which is well known for it's quality durability and general robust nature, produced by divers for divers. The sealing SMBs are durable and long lasting vary between inflation with a reg or from their own inflation cylinder. They will not deflate on the surface.

The 25kg and 65kg lift bags also come in manual inflation and inflation cylinder types. They are manufactured with heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon with tough high-frequency welded seams and over-pressure/dump valve. The lift bag is specially shaped to prevent air spillage at the surface.

The Buddy pocket reel has 45m of line and is easily fitted in a BCD pocket. The cord has a breaking strain of 50kg and the advantage of being positively buoyant which means that it will rise above the sea-bed or wreckage when played out to help avoid entanglement.

We also stock Dive Reels, SMB's & Lift Bags from other leading dive brands.

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