Best Divers

Best Divers

Best Divers was able to accomplish the status of one of market leaders in scuba diving equipment only after 17 years of manufacturing experience. The key to its success is based on enthusiasm, marketing and design. Here we have a selection of Dive Reels from Best Divers which are sure to suit your needs whether you are a professional or recreational diver.

The Finger reel is a white line stretching 45 metres with a diameter of 2mm. It comes with a double s/steel carabiner which makes attaching it to your other dive equipment easy and simple. 

The Best Divers Compact Reel is a Clutch wheel manufactured from Anodized aluminium. It has a nylon reel stretching 50m line, also with a diameter of 2 mm.

We also stock Dive Reels, SMB's & Lift Bags from other leading dive brands.

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