Scubapro Everdry 4.0 PRO Drysuit - Womens

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The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro is a heavy-duty version of the premium-plus Everdry 4.0. This drysuit is aimed at technical diver, commercial divers, military divers and anyone who needs an exposure suit that can stand up to super-rugged diving activities.

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The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro is a heavy-duty version of the premium-plus Everdry 4.0. This drysuit is aimed at technical diver, commercial divers, military divers and anyone who needs an exposure suit that can stand up to super-rugged diving activities.


Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro Drysuit

The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro is a heavy-duty version of the premium-plus Everdry 4.0. This drysuit is aimed at technical diver, commercial divers, military divers and anyone who needs an exposure suit that can stand up to super-rugged diving activities. The outside of the suit is made with heavy-duty abrasion-resistant lining, and an anti-abrasion lining.

This suit features a Diamond Span interior and has two pockets for carrying tools or spare gear. The drysuits dense neoprene resists compression at depth so you can be worn with a thin undergarment or no undergarment at all. This drysuit is built for warmth and comfort but most of all, it’s built to last.

Key Benefits

  • Professional-grade Drysuit - The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro drysuit is made with a professional-grade drysuit is created for military, commercial and technical divers. This drysuit is heavy duty and long lasting.
  • Heavy-duty - This drysuit is a heavy-duty version of the standard Everdry 4.0 but it features a rugged anti-abrasion exterior lining.
  • 4mm Neoprene - The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro Drysuit is made from 4mm high-density neoprene which weighs 50% less and is significantly softer than traditional drysuit neoprene.
  • Shoulders, Knee and Seat Panels - This drysuit includes panels on the shoulders, seat and knees. This is to offer additional reinforcement, another feature which makes this drysuit heavy duty.
  • Diamond Span Lining - The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro Drysuit has diamond span inner lining which enhances cold water protection. This makes this drysuit high quality and great for using in the UK or any other cold water conditions.
  • Triple-glued and Double-thread Seams - The seams on this drysuit are triple-glued and double-thread blind-stitched on the outside. On the inside this drysuit is coated with liquid polymer to create a long-lasting waterproof seam.
  • Neoprene Neck Seal - The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro drysuit includes a smooth-skin fold-under neoprene neck seal and new ultra-smooth wrist seals which provide watertight and comfortable sealing surfaces.
  • Dry Zipper - The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro drysuit includes a BDM metal dry zipper keeps water out is extra strong for years of use.
  • Si-Tech Balanced - This drysuit has Si-Tech balanced side-activated inlet and adjustable outlet valves which allow for pinpoint buoyancy control, increasing stability and control at depth.
  • Neoprene Soft Socks - There are attached neoprene soft socks which enable the suit to be turned completely inside-out for cleaning and drying. Neoprene soft socks can be worn inside heavy-duty drysuit boots or standard neoprene dive boots.
  • Suspender System - The new blue suspender system enhances fit and provides convenient low suit support between dives.
  • I-Safe Straps - The I-Safe straps are located on both arms is useful for keeping the divers computer securely attached. The I-Safe straps on the wrists which can thread your computer strap through will stop the computer sliding down.
  • Two Utility Pockets - The two utility pockets included on this drysuit are equipped with D-rings, bungees and zippered closures which provides a secure spot for carrying tools or extra gear.
  • Additional Hook - This drysuit includes a hook which is located on the right-thigh utility pocket which is great for attaching a hood.
  • Includes - This drysuit includes an anatomically shaped hood, carry bag, low pressure hose, suspenders, repair kit, zipper wax and owner’s manual.

Who are Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro Drysuit for?

The Scubapro Everdry 4.0 Pro Drysuit is for divers who are looking for a high quality Scubapro drysuit which is made from heavy duty material and will keep you warm and dry. This drysuit is aimed at military divers, technical diver, commercial divers and anyone who needs an exposure suit that can stand up to super-rugged diving activities. This drysuit includes great features which makes this drysuit one of the warmest available as it keeps you dry. The Scubapro drysuit can give you protection from the cold and keep you dry, using this drysuit to dive deep into the ocean would give you an incredible amount of comfort and is long lasting thanks to its flexible material and will keep you dry and warm.

Who are Scubapro?

Scubapro have been producing diving equipment for over 50 years. The have a fantastic reputation of high quality diving equipment. They pride themselves in testing equipment beyond the required guidelines, so you can rely on the quality of their equipment. Their products have been designed and built to a very high standard so they perform perfectly in water, this is what makes Scubapro equipment one the finest qualities available.

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ScubaPro Men EverDry Drysuit Size Chart

Suit length 47" 49.4" 49.9" 51.8" 52.4" 54.3" 54.8" 56.7" 59.2"
Chest 38.4" 39.6" 40.8" 40.8" 42" 42" 43.2" 43.2" 44.4"
Waist 33" 34.4" 35.8" 35.8" 37.2" 37.2" 38.5" 38.5" 39.9"
Hips 38.4" 39.2" 40" 40" 40.8" 40.8" 40.8" 41.6" 42.3"
Torso length 28.9" 30.3" 30.3" 31.7" 31.7" 33.1" 33.1" 34.4" 35.8"
Inseam 23.2" 24.3" 24.3" 25.3" 25.4" 26.4" 26.4" 27.5" 28.5"
Arm length 26,7" 28,1" 28,2" 29,4" 29,5" 30,8" 30,9" 32,2" 33,6"
Wrist cuff 5,4" 5,7" 6,0" 6,0" 6,3" 6,3" 6,5" 6,5" 6,8"
Ankle cuff 13,8" 14,2" 15,4" 14,6" 15,8" 15,0" 16,2" 15,4" 15,4"
Sock size S M M L L XL XL XXL XXXL
Shoe size (men's) 6-9 7-10 7-10 8-11 8-11 9-12 9-12 10-13 10-13
Hood size S M M L L XL XL XL XL
Head circumference 16.1" 16.1" 16.1" 16.5" 16.5" 16.5" 16.5" 16.5" 16.5"
Height 5'6"-5'8" 5'8"-5'10" 5'8"-5'10" 5'8"-6' 5'8"-6' 6'-6'2" 6'-6'2" 6'2"-6'4" 6'2"-6'4"
Weight (pounds) 130-150 150-190 170-190 170-190 190-210 190-210 210-220 243-265 243-265
Weight (kgs) 59-68 68-77 77-86 77-86 86-95 86-95 95-100 95-110 100-105

ScubaPro Women EverDry Drysuit Size Chart

Everdry 4 Lady XXS XS S M L XL
Suit length 47.4" 48.6" 50.2" 52.2" 54" 56.1"
Waist 28.8" 29.6" 30.4" 31.2" 32" 33.2"
Hips 38" 39.6" 41.1" 42.3" 43.5" 44.7"
Torso length 29.5" 30.3" 31.3" 31.9" 32.7" 33.6"
Inseam 19,9" 20,6" 21,4" 22,6" 23,8" 25,0"
Arm length 28,2" 28,6" 29,0" 30,0" 31,0" 32,0"
Wrist cuff 5,4" 5,4" 5,7" 6,0" 6,3" 6,5"
Ankle cuff 14,6" 14,6" 15,0" 15,4" 15,4" 15,4"
Sock size XS XS S M M M
Shoe size (women's) 6-9" 6-9 7-10 8-11 8-11 8-11
Hood size XS S M M L L
Head circumference 15,1" 15,5" 15,5" 15,5" 16,3" 16,3"
Height 4'9"-5'1" 5'1"-5'2" 5'3"-5'4" 5'4"-5'6" 5'6"-5'8" 5'8"-6'
Weight (pounds) 88-99 99-110 110-121 121-137 137-165 165-185
Weight (kg) 40-45 45-50 50-55 55-62 62-75 75-84

ScubaPro Men Evertec Drysuit Size Chart

Evertec Man S M L XL XXL XXXL
Suit length (1) 63 65 68 70 72 75
Chest (2) 45 48 50 54 56 58
Waist (3) 42 45 48 50 53 56
Hips (4) 43 46 44 52 54 57
Torso length 40 41 42 43 44 45
Inseam (5) 24 26 27 28 29 30
Arm length 27 28 30 31 32 33
Wrist cuff 12 12 12 12 12 12
Ankle cuff 15 15 15 16 16 16
Sock size M M ML L L XL
Sole length for sock 10 10 10,5 11 11 12
Hood size M M M L L L
Diver measurements
Head circumference 23 23 23 24 24 24
Height (6) 5'6"-5'8" 5'8"-5'9" 5'9"-6' 6'-6'2" 6'2" -6'4" 6'4"-6'6"
Weight (kg) 130 -150 150 -170 170 -190 190 - 210 210 -220 220-230

This size charts is to be used as a guide only. if you are between sizes, we recommend you go to the next larger size. Wetsuits might fit differently between models depending on types and thickness of material from which the suit is made.


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