BCD & Regulator

BCD & Regulator Dive Packages

Due to our enhanced buying power with major scuba equipment suppliers we have been able to put together a comprehensive combination of BCD & regulator packages and sets at great prices. These packages/sets include a BCDregulator, octopus and a console. The packages allow you to have fantastic diving equipment at affordable Deep Blue value prices. All of our packages contain top of the range equipment designed to keep you safe and allow you to fully enjoy your diving experience.

BCD is a controllable buoyancy jacket used to control buoyancy whilst in the water. This is extremely important for any diver as it helps to keep controlled buoyancy levels both under the water and above the surface.

You can mix equipment from brands such as AP Valves (Buddy), Apeks,  Mares and Scubapro and then customise the package/set with a range of console options. This allows you to choose items that are best suited to your tastes, needs and expectations, something that most divers value.

Once you've made your choice, why not visit the accessories pages for BCD & Regs to make sure you have the most complete diving package you could wish for. If you need any more information on our packages pop down and see us or contact us here. 

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